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A contemporary collection of signbox interior signs for workstations and doors

Internal Signs for either corporate identity through to information signage, Signbox designs and manufactures bespoke solutions to suit the needs and budgets of every organisation.
As a single point resource, we have also created a range of contemporary sign solutions available here 'off-the-shelf'. however, if you are trying to match a specific product, please email a photo and the chances are we shall be able to locate it for you.

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freestanding digital wayfinding
50” & 55" Infrared Freestanding Multi Touch Screen Posters with Dual OS

With a choice of 50" or 55" screen size, this freestanding touch screen can be used for advertising, in-store ordering or digital wayfinding. Available in black or white colour.

from £2,330.00 (ex vat)
£2,796.00 (inc vat)

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Freestanding ILE MARCAl sign graphic trap glass system display
Ile - Freestanding Glass Sign - custom printing option

ILE is a Freestanding Glass Sign used to display printed information. Custom printing option.Available in standard lengths from 420mm to 1000mm wide, the system can support panels of glass up to 3000mm high

from £452.76 (ex vat)
£543.31 (inc vat)

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poster kit
Vertico- Poster display cabinet

Vertico is a frameless, edge-to-edge glass lockable display information cabinet. The poster display system is suitable for internal applications, museums, eduction, public buildings

from £451.05 (ex vat)
£541.26 (inc vat)

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MSS Suspended Sign - Interchangeable printed inserts - Modular Sign System

This HB Modular Sign System sign is suspended from the ceiling and typically used for directional signage in corridors. Easy to update with the fluted aluminium channel that allows for each part of the sign to be updated separately

£399.00 (ex vat)
£478.80 (inc vat)

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Printed material display system
Gallery - Poster Holder and Information Display

Gallery printed material display system for information display and a poster holder with an edge-to-edge toughened glass face. No visible fixings.

from £312.31 (ex vat)
£374.77 (inc vat)

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FSS Linear Freestanding Signage Display Sign
FSS Linear

FSS Linear is a versatile freestanding signage that can be used for the display of posters, messages or brochures where wall-mounted information is not possible.

from £278.80 (ex vat)
£334.56 (inc vat)

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LED neon effect restroom sign
Netto LED neon restroom sign

If you are looking for some different and remarkable toilet/restroom signs, the Netto LED acrylic large pictograms manufactured by Signbox are the answer. 

from £250.44 (ex vat)
£300.53 (inc vat)

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illuminated sign
Netto LED illuminated restroom sign

LED soft illuminated flat face acrylic, male and female pictograms using the on-trend, no-frills, FF Netto. Toilet / Restroom signs.

from £230.33 (ex vat)
£276.40 (inc vat)

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Leaves C-Module
Social distancing protective workplace screen - Freestanding

Reusable stand structure with transparent, recyclable PET banner to create attractive protective screens. Choose from two available designs or create your own.

from £229.00 (ex vat)
£274.80 (inc vat)

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Single sided Popup Roller Banner
Popup Roller Banner - Double sided

Premium quality double sided roller banner sign with premium padded carry-bag available at a range of sizes. Popup banner ideal for any workspace reception or exhibition. Inclusive of your customised print your print onto this display

£199.00 (ex vat)
£238.80 (inc vat)

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HB MSS Wall Directory Sign - Aluminium updatable
HB MSS Wall Directory Sign - Aluminium updatable

This HB Modular Sign System wall directory sign features easily changeable slats that can be combined to create a full list of departments/floors/room names. Aluminium updabale sign

£199.00 (ex vat)
£238.80 (inc vat)

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Illuminated toilet sign - auto switch social distancing sign
LUMOS Auto switch washroom toilet LED sign - Red and green illumination

High end washroom or toilet room sign, automatically switching LED Edge Lit Acrylic Sign. Avoid queuing in public places and restaurants with clearly visible and illuminated toilet signs

£185.00 (ex vat)
£222.00 (inc vat)

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