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A contemporary collection of signbox best selling interior signs for workstations and doors

Interior signs come in many forms to suit a diverse mix of environments and requirements.

From corporate identity to information signage, Signbox designs and manufactures bespoke solutions to suit the needs and budgets of every organisation.

As a single point resource, we have also created a range of contemporary sign solutions available here 'off-the-shelf'. however, if you are trying to match a specific product, please email a photo and the chances are we shall be able to locate it for you.

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poster kit
Vertico- Poster display cabinet

Vertico is a frameless, edge-to-edge glass lockable display information cabinet. The poster display system is suitable for internal applications, museums, eduction, public buildings

from £479.84 (ex vat)
£575.81 (inc vat)

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Glass freestanding sign
Ile - Freestanding Sign

Ile is a Freestanding Glass Sign used to display printed information. Available in standard lengths from 420mm to 1000mm wide, the system can support panels of glass up to 3000mm high.

from £333.82 (ex vat)
£400.58 (inc vat)

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Printed material display system
Gallery - Poster holder and information display

Gallery printed material display system for information display and a poster holder with an edge-to-edge toughened glass face. No visible fixings.

from £332.24 (ex vat)
£398.69 (inc vat)

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FSS Linear Freestanding Signage Display Sign
FSS Linear

FSS Linear is a versatile freestanding signage that can be used for the display of posters, messages or brochures where wall-mounted information is not possible.

from £296.60 (ex vat)
£355.92 (inc vat)

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LED neon effect restroom sign
Netto LED neon restroom sign

If you are looking for some different and remarkable toilet/restroom signs, the Netto LED acrylic large pictograms manufactured by Signbox are the answer. 

from £266.43 (ex vat)
£319.72 (inc vat)

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illuminated sign
Netto LED illuminated restroom sign

LED soft illuminated flat face acrylic, male and female pictograms using the on-trend, no-frills, FF Netto. Toilet / Restroom signs.

from £245.03 (ex vat)
£294.04 (inc vat)

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Tablet floor stand

With its stylish design, this tablet floor stand fits into any environment and offers excellent freestanding stability.

£182.97 (ex vat)
£219.56 (inc vat)

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Illuminated poster pocket
Fly Shine

Wall mounted or cable suspended single sided poster pockets illuminated with LED. Excellent signage solution for estate agents, travel companies & retail.

from £163.71 (ex vat)
£196.45 (inc vat)

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Doodleglass dry wipe board
Doodleglass dry wipe board

This stylish new dry wipe board for the modern office environment was manufactured from 6mm toughened safety glass with radiused corners. Used in a variety of applications from meeting & training rooms, conference facilities, healthcare and the hospitality industry.

from £155.73 (ex vat)
£186.88 (inc vat)

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TabArm - Desk

A flexible support arm that allows the tablet to be positioned into an optimal and ergonomically correct viewing distance from the tablet whilst the user is sat at a desk.

£151.19 (ex vat)
£181.43 (inc vat)

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TabArm - Wall

A tablet holder with a swing arm that provides flexible setting options to ensure that users have the optimum reading angle when the tablet is fastened to a wall.

£142.52 (ex vat)
£171.02 (inc vat)

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Vacant / engaged LED illuminated room sign
Lumos Tricolour, illuminated sign

Lumos tricolour is the latest version of our patented LED sign fixing with a switchable Green/White/Red illumination for room vacant/engaged functionality. Designed to support and edge illuminate laser-etched acrylic panels. Illuminated room signage

£139.64 (ex vat)
£167.57 (inc vat)

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Meeting room sign - engaged functionality
Lumos² Tricolour, illuminated room signage

LED sign with switchable Green/White/Red illumination for room vacant/engaged functionality, with a square satin anodised aluminium fixing. Illuminated room signage

£139.64 (ex vat)
£167.57 (inc vat)

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Door sign with room status indicator
D-Line slider

Beautifully detailed door name plate sign manufactured from brushed stainless steel, with a sliding mechanism to indicate room status.

£133.25 (ex vat)
£159.90 (inc vat)

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Pasamano is a DDA compliant sign solution, designed for installation on stair hand-rails and balustrades. Braille / Tactile wayfinding sign system.

£128.51 (ex vat)
£154.21 (inc vat)

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LED table sign
Flyshine desktop

Single-side LED illuminated table display sign with easy information exchange.

£127.60 (ex vat)
£153.12 (inc vat)

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Lectern floor sign
iStand Floor Sign

Beautifully detailed silver anodised aluminium lectern floor stand for A4 and A3 information media, in portrait or landscape format.

from £120.38 (ex vat)
£144.46 (inc vat)

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Premium-quality desktop tablet holder suitable for the use of tablets in offices, at reception desks, in sales and exhibition rooms.

£115.56 (ex vat)
£138.67 (inc vat)

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Enlighten NFC Smart poster display for indoor
Enlighten NFC Smartposter - INDOOR

Enlighten is an innovative NFC smart poster display system that sells products, delivers messages and directs people.

from £111.63 (ex vat)
£133.96 (inc vat)

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Hanging Signage
MADRID - Bronze Line Suspended Sign

Finished in a bronze finish this graphic insert Sign is perfect for a more established environment . This sign can be used with different sign solutions inside, easy to change for a different type of sign. These hanging signs include the cables.

£99.92 (ex vat)
£119.90 (inc vat)

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projecting sign bronze
Madrid Bronze Line Projecting Sign - Paper graphic insert

This highly attractive Double sided Bronze finish projecting sign is easy to fix to the wall and easy to interchange the graphic on the inside. A quality wall sign made in a premium finish.

from £99.90 (ex vat)
£119.88 (inc vat)

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black ipad holder

Designed and manufactured by Signbox, Padwall is an elegant and robust holder for the iPad 2 or 3, developed to securely fix your iPad to walls.

from £91.49 (ex vat)
£109.79 (inc vat)

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LED illuminated room sign
Lumos² Mono, illuminated room sign

illuminated room sign, precision engineered in satin anodised aluminium, 40mm square x 35mm deep, Lumos² is designed to support & edge illuminate laser-etched acrylic panels. Ideal for high end hotels, offices, public spaces

£88.60 (ex vat)
£106.32 (inc vat)

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Meeting room sign
Lumos Mono, Illuminated Room Sign

Lumos - a stunning LED illuminated sign specifically designed to support an edge illuminated glass or acrylic panel. Stunning lighting effect as the light passes through to meet laser engraved letters, numbers or graphics. Custom options available.

£88.60 (ex vat)
£106.32 (inc vat)

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Free standing glass sign display
Fin Clamp Sign Display System

Freestanding display sign manufactured from one or two layers of glass, with a silver anodised aluminium base, suitable for any environment.

from £79.93 (ex vat)
£95.92 (inc vat)

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Poster Frame

The market-leading Signkit range of toughened glass poster holders provides a durable and frameless display system, to suit the A-series paper sizes.

from £77.04 (ex vat)
£92.45 (inc vat)

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Ceiling suspended paper insert sign
iSign - Ceiling Suspended Paper insert Sign

iSign ceiling suspended sign is a contemporary, slim and sophisticated paper insert system for the display of signs and notices.

from £58.74 (ex vat)
£70.49 (inc vat)

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The smart panel base sign Smartbase is the perfect choice if you're looking for a flat and light base. Different types of material like aluminium composite panel, acryl, metal or synthetic material can be fastened in safely.

from £55.77 (ex vat)
£66.92 (inc vat)

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A premium wall-mounted tablet holder perfectly designed for trade fairs, office areas, sales and exhibition rooms.

£54.89 (ex vat)
£65.87 (inc vat)

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Premium acrylic pen tray
Branded Acrylic Meeting Room Pen Tray

Meeting room pen tray fabricated from acrylic printed with your custom designed graphics to enhance your meetings with on-brand detail.

£46.22 (ex vat)
£55.46 (inc vat)

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Projecting sign
iSign - Projecting

iSign projecting sign is a contemporary, slim and sophisticated graphic insert system for the display of signs and notices. Side projecting, graphic trap design.

from £44.78 (ex vat)
£53.74 (inc vat)

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Table stand signage solution

Duraview is a table paper insert sign with magnetic frame for quick and easy change of inserts. Can be used in either portrait or landscape format.

from £44.65 (ex vat)
£53.58 (inc vat)

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Papyrus Insert Sign

Papyrus is a stylish curved paper insert system that is readily updateable. Wall, door or glass partition mounted with either screw or self-adhesive fixings. Ideal for all education, hotel or healthcare environments for Fire Action notices and Fire evacuation plans.

from £37.56 (ex vat)
£45.07 (inc vat)

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Frameless paper insert sign

Frameless paper insert sign made of extruded aluminium back plate, with routed acrylic face and hidden locking screw.

from £36.59 (ex vat)
£43.91 (inc vat)

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The Opalescent DTP insert sign comprises an elegant aluminium profile with a silver anodised finish, that can be wall mounted.

from £36.28 (ex vat)
£43.54 (inc vat)

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Silenzio Uno

Silenzio Uno is the complete solution for wayfinding, room location, projecting & freestanding signs, comprising twin panels of 5mm thick glass and available in a range of finishes from satin stainless steel, black powder coated and micro-sandblasted anodised aluminium.

from £36.19 (ex vat)
£43.43 (inc vat)

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Xblock EAPH

Stylish acrylic wallet Paper Insert Sign with a square satin silver anodised aluminium Xblock. Easy access to update information.

from £33.71 (ex vat)
£40.45 (inc vat)

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paper insert trap
Pixquick Pylon

PixQuick Pylon is a cleverly designed, functional, frameless desk display and double-sided for the countertop. Ideal for frequently changed information.

from £32.26 (ex vat)
£38.71 (inc vat)

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Snaprex Counter Display

Snaprex Counter Display is a smart and professional double-sided wood desktop display system. A perfect and natural look to showcase a menu, information or price list within hotels, or point of sale display.

£31.99 (ex vat)
£38.39 (inc vat)

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Sliding door sign
MSS slider

Extruded aluminium door sign with a sliding mechanism to indicate when a room is available or in use.

£30.50 (ex vat)
£36.60 (inc vat)

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Pile Ou Face

Pile Ou Face DTP insert sign comprises a versatile range of aluminium profiles that combined with tactile and Braille characters makes the perfect media for DDA compliant signs.

from £29.62 (ex vat)
£35.54 (inc vat)

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Desktop sign holder

Arcline is an elegant desktop sign holder, manufactured from a glass-look acrylic, with a silver anodized aluminium base.

£28.89 (ex vat)
£34.67 (inc vat)

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Paris is a simple yet effective room or location sign, designed to accept DTP inserts. Supplied in a micro-sandblasted natural anodised finish.

from £27.00 (ex vat)
£32.40 (inc vat)

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New up to 13% off
MSS Wallet Sign

The MSS Wallet is an integral part of the Modular Sign System and available online as a workstation or office occupier sign. This easily updateable sign comes either single sided or double sided with a bracket to suit most workstation screens.

from £24.08 (ex vat)
£28.90 (inc vat)

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Wall mounted sign
Glassnox - wall sign, interchangeable graphic

Glassnox is a perfect solution for elegant signage. All information can be exchanged quickly and easily. The covers are made of crystal blue acrylic or tempered glass and the frame is brushed stainless steel.

from £23.73 (ex vat)
£28.48 (inc vat)

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Skwizmi DTP System

Skwizmi DTP System sign displays permanent media from DTP inserts and can also receive updatable messages or information with a simple squeeze of the profile - like a Chef's clip.

from £23.56 (ex vat)
£28.27 (inc vat)

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Discover Presstissimo - an elegant and extra flat base that makes a really clever panel display. You can assemble your single-sided information panel in no time at all.

from £21.58 (ex vat)
£25.90 (inc vat)

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Bronze Meeting room sign
Matt - Bronze - wall signage

Pictogram wayfinding symbol signs designed and manufactured by Signbox using a new palette of acrylics that simulate bronze.

£21.39 (ex vat)
£25.67 (inc vat)

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