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LED Illuminated
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Award-winning LED sign and display solutionS 

Signs are designed to capture attention and therefore it comes as no surprise that illuminated signs and signage tend to be more effective than non-illuminated signs.  We all respond to bright lights and colour after all. Check out our new LED neon restroom icons.

We have integrated LED technology into our Signkit range of precision engineered components for displaying signs and media, where the efficiency and longevity of LED, provides a 'fit and forget' solution.

LED illuminated door signs are particularly effective for the hotel and leisure industry, utilising our colour changing LED for 'Do not disturb' or 'Service room' signs. 

LED neon effect restroom sign
Netto LED neon restroom sign

If you are looking for some different and remarkable toilet/restroom signs, the Netto LED acrylic large pictograms manufactured by Signbox are the answer. 

from £249.00 (ex vat)
£298.80 (inc vat)

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Netto LED acrylic restroom sign

LED soft illuminated flat face acrylic, male and female pictograms using the on-trend, no-frills, FF Netto. Toilet / Restroom signs.

from £279.00 (ex vat)
£334.80 (inc vat)

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Meeting room sign - engaged functionality
Lumos² Tricolour

LED sign with switchable Green/White/Red illumination for room vacant/engaged functionality, with a square satin anodised aluminium fixing.

£130.50 (ex vat)
£156.60 (inc vat)

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LED illuminated room sign
Lumos² Mono

Precision engineered in satin anodised aluminium, 40mm square x 35mm deep, Lumos² is designed to support & edge illuminate laser-etched acrylic panels.

£82.80 (ex vat)
£99.36 (inc vat)

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Vacant / engaged LED illuminated room sign
Lumos Tricolour

Lumos tricolour is the latest version of our patented LED sign fixing with a switchable Green/White/Red illumination for room vacant/engaged functionality. Designed to support and edge illuminate laser-etched acrylic panels.

£130.50 (ex vat)
£156.60 (inc vat)

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Meeting room sign
Lumos Mono

Lumos - a stunning LED sign specifically designed to support an edge illuminated glass and acrylic panels to project stunning lighting effects as the light passes through to meet laser engraved or sandblasted graphics.

£82.80 (ex vat)
£99.36 (inc vat)

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LED table sign
Flyshine desktop

Single-side LED illuminated table display sign with easy information exchange.

£119.25 (ex vat)
£143.10 (inc vat)

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Illuminated poster pocket
Fly Shine

Wall mounted or cable suspended single sided poster pockets illuminated with LED. Excellent signage solution for estate agents, travel companies & retail.

from £153.00 (ex vat)
£183.60 (inc vat)

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