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NFC Smart Stickers
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NFC Smart Tag stickers are a small self-adhesive call-to-action, about the size of a beer mat (100mm diam or 4" in old money), which incorporate an NFC tag.  Once that tag is pre-programmed, anyone with an NFC-enabled smartphone can retrieve information from the Smart sticker with a simple, fast, close proximity tap.

Manufactured from a repositional but durable polyester film onto which we can print any message, graphics or image, smart stickers are designed to be applied to the inside face of glass with no loss of range for Near Field Communication.

As a phone can read an NFC tag through glass or acrylic, any business can stay ‘open’ 24-hours a day allowing consumers to tap their smartphone to download an entire bus timetable, restaurant menu or a discount voucher and even book a table, call a cab, engage with social media and so on – any time of the day or night.

With NFC enabled smartphones, tapping to retrieve information will become second nature and we firmly believe that smart stickers, together with our Enlighten smart poster range, will be at the forefront of proximity marketing opportunities.