Fin Clamp Sign Display System

Freestanding display sign manufactured from one or two layers of glass, with a silver anodised aluminium base, suitable for any environment.

Free standing glass sign display
Free standing glass sign display
Wayfinding glass sign
Wayfinding glass sign
Silver anodised aluminium display base
Silver anodised aluminium display base
Free standing glass sign display
Wayfinding glass sign
Silver anodised aluminium display base

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Freestanding sign system with glass panel

Can be ordered with a single glass panel, twin glass panels, or base only

The base only option will allow you to hold your printed panel in this remarkably clever base system.

The option of a single glass panel will allow a print to be applied using your graphics. By talking with our sales team you will be able to have this printed and they can advice the best materials and best print options.

By choosing the twin glass panel option you can sandwich a graphic of your choice in-between the layers creating a graphics trap viewable through the glass panels on each side.

Fin Clamp

  • with 300(w) x 1200 (h)mm twin glass panels
  • with 300(w) x 1200 (h)mm single glass panel
  • Base only

Fin Clamp base consists of 2 silver anodised hinged extrusions at 300mm wide with anti-slip protection.

Fin Clamp can be used for the display of posters, information or wayfinding where a wall-mounted fixture is not possible. The contemporary and elegant design means that attention is focused on your message and not on the product hardware. Information can be updated quickly and effortlessly by either sandwiching paper inserts between twin glass panels or by digitally printed media applied directly to a single glass panel.

It is suitable for any internal environment including corporate workplaces, conference centres, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, museums and galleries, airport terminal and retail environments. Used extensively in exhibitions, point-of-sale and other displays.

Signbox can also print your media direct to virtually any surface on our Durst P10 fine art inkjet, please contact our sales team for further details. Options of Foam PVC (Foamex), ACM panel (DiBond), Acrylic or glass, Wood.

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