Magaframe Note A5

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The perfect solution for quick sign-ups, maintenance schedules & cleaning rotas.

Magaframe® NOTE A5 allows you to present your information in a high quality and professional way. That is why we have extended our NOTE range so it can be used across a wider range of application areas.

From cleaning rotas in public toilets to event registrations to documenting working procedures and services such as maintenance or safety checks, Magaframe® NOTE A5 is the professional way to display.

Key features

Magaframe® NOTE A5 can be directly written on which makes it the perfect solution for quick sign-ups, maintenance schedules and cleaning rotas.

It has a self-adhesive frame which means it can be easily attached to solid and smooth surfaces. The magnetic front panel means you can quickly insert and exchange your documents.

The frame is also identical on both sides so if placed on glass you can also display further information on the other side.