Solar eye light
Solar eye light
path delineation
path delineation
solar path light
solar path light
eco light for roads and paths
eco light for roads and paths
decking solar light
decking solar light
path light solar
path light solar
Solar eye light
path delineation
solar path light
eco light for roads and paths
decking solar light
path light solar

Solar Eye - Illuminated Solar powered pathway delineation

Solareye is a solar powered light, low profile, in- set, 360 degree high visibility delineator, LED light throughout the year. Pathways, drives, decking A great Wayfinding marker solution.

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Solar Eye - Solar powered Eco light

Developed in the UK, in conjunction with end users, the solareye is a solar powered, low profile, in- set, 360 degree high visibility delineator, providing a strong LED signal during the hours of darkness -throughout the year. Operational performance has been based upon actual western European weather/ sunlight — with the objective of CO2 neutrality.

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The solareye is a solar powered delineator with an omni- directional LED producing 360° visibility. Initially designed for cycle track and pathway installations as an economical alternative to hard wiring, there are also numerous other applications where the product can be used such as driveways, marinas and campsites.

Here are some examples of where the solareye can be applied:

  • Cycle tracks & Pathways

  • Recreational areas/Community spaces

  • National parks

  • Car parks/Driveways

  • Canal paths

  • Boat marinas/Docking areas & slipways

  • Golf clubs/Estate grounds

  • Campuses & large residential areas

  • Holiday villages/Caravan & Camp sites

  • Garden/Patio lighting

Bat Friendly

  1. As well as being detrimental to Bats, artificial light also disturbs invertebrate feeding, breeding & movement which may reduce and fragment populations due to
    the disruptive natural patterns of light and dark caused by artificial lighting.


The SolarEye was tested embedded in a decking plank for compression testing The test proved that the eye can withstand pressure of up to 575kn ( over 50 tons) , in order to determine its compressive strength. For the purpose of this compression test, the defined point of failure for the SolarEye product as the point at which the light would no longer function.


Delineation applications

  • Cycle tracks and pedestrian walkways.

  • Car parks.

  • Driveways for golf courses / country clubs.

  • Decking areas & decorative patio lighting.

  • Boat marinas & dock areas.

  • Campuses & large residential areas.

  • Caravan & camp sites

Technical Characteristics


• Material: High impact durable engineering grade polymer

• Light source: LED (100,000hrs life)
• Battery: LFP Type battery (8yrs + anticipated)
• Working temperature: -20 to +70 C
• Body dimensions: 80mm diameter
• Installed height: 6 mm nominal
• Milling Depth: 30mm
• Weight: Approx. 275g
• Fixing adhesive: Structural 2 component moisture tolerant epoxy

• Working time after full charge: Flashing 400hrs+Steady 200hrs+

• Flash rate: 1 sec on , 1 sec off • Water proof quality: IP 68
• High Visibility: Up to 500

Installation & Product FAQs:

  • Simple installation equipment, 2 persons required for larger jobs

  • Dry cut using a milling tool

  • Up 200 pieces per day can be installed

  • Adhesive take 30 mins to set at 25° meaning minimal disruption

  • Can be installed in damp conditions

  • Automatic on/ off using light sensors

  • Can be used on low traffic private roads


Product range

  • LED signal, steady or slow flash.

  • Standard colours: White steady, Bat Hat and Red flash

  • Special colours to order: Yellow, Green, Blue & Red steady.

  • Bat Hat option available for conservation areas

  • Supplied in a box of 20: Weight 5.5kg


  1. Advantages

    • Constructed from durable engineering grade polymer.

    • Low profile—nominal 6 mm when installed.

    • Easy for cyclists / vehicles to move over.

    • Simple installation into asphalt or wooden decking

    • In loose stone areas, just place and push in.

    • Long life LFP Type battery—8 years + anticipated.

    • High visibility—up to 500m.

    • LED life—100,000 hrs.

    • Light sensitive auto on/off for economical operation.

    • Independent operation–no electrical supply required.

    • Renewable and maintenance free green energy.

    • Realistically priced based on market feedback.

    • Installation service available

    • Fully sealed integrated unit—100% waterproof

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