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Alphascreens - Digital LED Sign Letters

Consisting of individual digital LED screens in multiple shapes and sizes, Alphascreens bring everything to life.  Make digital moving brand images with these letter shapes.

Digital LED Letters
LED Sign letters
Sign Letters Digital
Digital LED Letters
LED Sign letters
Sign Letters Digital

Consisting of individual LED screens in multiple shapes and sizes, Alphascreens™ bring everything to life. 

Alphascreens are finished built up digital letters and shapes, all wired up and ready to plug in. They're made up of 2 main parts, the screens (Alphas) and the carcass it all fits inside. The carcass is the traditional built up shape, available in all the usual materials and finishes. The screen then fits inside the carcass in many different ways allowing you to customise the look. 

Just like any standard digital screen, any video or animation can be uploaded on to the Alphas to give a completely bespoke solution.

The shape of the Alphas means that standard block fonts are very straightforward to accommodate. We have an ever expanding range of standard styles to choose from to make life easier, however if you need branded logos and bespoke signage, this is where Alphascreens™ are at their best. We can product intricately shaped logos and text to suit most requirements. The bigger the job, the more intricate we can be. 

Alphascreens™ have been developed so that as many elements used in the manufacturing process as possible can be re-used or recycled.

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