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Showroom Signage and Display

Present your products in the best possibly light with our showroom signage and display systems.  In a crowded retail environment our range of signage displays and digital screens will push your brand into the forefront and create a consistent branded promotional message.  

Alongside our exclusive range on the website, we also specialise in the design and manufacture of custom and bespoke signage, tailored to your specific branding requirements. Contact our team today to talk about your design requirements.

Social Distancing Sign Social Distancing Sign
Protect and Respect Social Distancing Signs

Signbox's unique new range of Protect and Respect social distancing wall and floor signs. Designed specifically for retail, leisure and hospitality, the messages are a more informal reminder to keep each other safe.

from £5.59 (inc vat)
£4.66 (ex vat)


This elegant and timeless newspaper rack for walls suits every reception area, waiting room, lounge and location with the need to communicate a passion for design.

£98.10 (inc vat)
£81.75 (ex vat)

Magnetic Paper Insert Frame Magnetic Paper Insert Graphic Trap Frame
Self-adhesive Information Sign for Paper Inserts

A simple but effective self-adhesive information sign for paper inserts with a folding magnetic front panel. The magnetic seal firmly holds notices in place and inserts are quick and easy to update.

from £14.32 (inc vat)
£11.93 (ex vat)

premium Glass Sneeze Screen for Workplaces and Retail premium Glass Sneeze Screen for Workplaces and Retail
Sneeze Screen - Premium Glass Workplace Protection Screen - Social Distancing

These premium personal protection screens / sneeze screens are used for till points, serving counters and offices where social distancing is required, standard size or bespoke sizes available. DISCOUNTS FOR VOLUME

from £203.92 (inc vat)
£169.93 (ex vat)

Sneeze Screen Hanging Sneeze screen Sneeze Screen Hanging Sneeze screen desk divider
Sneeze Screen - Suspended Hanging Workplace or Retail Screen - Social Distancing

Create a virtually invisible, unobtrusive social distancing screen between desks, offices, benches, workspace or reception. Alternatively, choose a design to add branding or decorative effects, privacy or security screening.

from £88.44 (inc vat)
£73.70 (ex vat)

Tablet floor stand Showroom tablet stand
Freestanding Tablet iPad Floor Stand Display

Tablet floor stand for iPad or Android tablets. A secure tablet display stand perfect for information displays, interactive displays and more.

£288.88 (inc vat)
£240.73 (ex vat)

iSign wall mounted sign
Wall mounted Paper Insert Sign - iSign

iSign wall mounted sign is a contemporary, slim and sophisticated paper insert system for the display of signs and notices.

from £30.17 (inc vat)
£25.14 (ex vat)

up to 13% off
iPad and Tablet Holder iPad and Tablet Holder
Wall Mounted Tablet Holder

Tablet Stand. A premium wall-mounted tablet holder perfectly designed for trade fairs, office areas, sales and exhibition rooms. iPad and Android sizes.

£84.85 (inc vat)
£70.71 (ex vat)

Sign Graphic Insert Sign Sign Graphic Insert Sign
A4 Floor Standing Graphic Paper Insert Sign - Crystal Sign

Elegant high quality information sign. Floor standing design with an A4 acrylic panel to hold A4 sizes information or posters in Landscape or Portrait. Quick and easy to assemble

£180.47 (inc vat)
£150.39 (ex vat)

Handrail Sign Handrail Sign
Hand Rail Hook Over Sign

Handrail mandatory safety sign that simply hooks over a handrail informing users that they must use the handrail. Available with or without printed insert

from £49.38 (inc vat)
£41.15 (ex vat)