Illuminated Wayfinding & Solar
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illuminated wayfinding displays

Make an impact with our range of Illuminated wayfinding signage.  Choose from our standard range of wayfinding solutions, or work with us to create something bespoke and designed for you. 

A huge selection of designs, materials and finishes to choose from including low energy LED lighting solutions that compliment more sustainable designs.

Contact our team today to talk about your design requirements.

projecting sign
Wayfinding Projecting external sign - Illuminated

Premium wayfinding projecting sign. Engineered chassis with illumination that allows doubled sided graphics to be displayed. Wayfinding downlighter light

Price on request

Illuminated monolith sign
Illuminated Totem - Monolith Sign - Wayfinding

This bespoke Monolith - Totem sign will can be designed and installed by Signbox. With illumination on the inside that illuminated your brand logo, this sign will catch attention

Price on request

Sylva Solar Smart Picnic Bench Solar Smart Picnic Bench
Solar Smart Benches - Built in Wifi, Charging and Digital Advertising Screens

A range of architecturally beautiful solar smart benches featuring the latest Solar technology including USB and wireless charging, LED lighting, WiFi and integrated digital advertising panels

Price on request

Solar boom - Solar Powered overhead light unit Solar boom - Solar Powered overhead light unit
Solar boom - Solar Powered overhead light unit

High quality solar powered overhead light unit providing customised light settings for different climates. Sensor system with bright up on approach. Ideal for poster cases, noticeboards, billboards. fascias and retro fitting providing zero energy costs and zero co2 emissions.

from £135.96 (inc vat)
£113.30 (ex vat)

Solar eco post light Solar Wayfinding light post
Solar Eco Post 100 - Premium - Wayfinding Illuminated Bollard

Solar bollard, LED illumination solar-powered wayfinding exterior solution. This waymarking solar bollard is great for paths, heritage sites, education sites, public spaces.

£1,160.60 (inc vat)
£967.17 (ex vat)

Solar Eco Post 200 - Waymarking illuminated bollard

Solar bollard - Post, LED illumination solar-powered wayfinding exterior solution. This eco waymarking solar bollard is great value as it is specifically designed for the UK market

£1,358.36 (inc vat)
£1,131.97 (ex vat)

waymarking sign solution path
Solar Eco Post 300 - Illuminated Waymarking - Architectural Street Furniture

Smart Solar eco illuminated street post - Wayfinding street light. Waymarking or wayfinding ideal for patios, paths and streets, campuses, public spaces

£1,605.56 (inc vat)
£1,337.97 (ex vat)

Illuminted  sustainable signage system
Hybrid Sign System illuminated (HSS), sustainable signage, twin post

Illuminated Hybrid Sign System, sustainable signage made with Bamboo. This sign system component parts allows development of different sign designs. Twin post.

£2,594.30 (inc vat)
£2,161.92 (ex vat)