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FSS Aero & Linear

FSS Aero & Linear

FSS Aero & Linear    FSS Aero & Linear    FSS Aero & Linear   


£500.00 ex VAT

(£600.00 incl VAT)

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Freestanding signage thats versatile

FSS footprint can be used for the display of posters, messages or brochures where wall-mounted information is not possible. The subtle and elegant design means that attention is focused on your message and not on the product hardware. Information can be updated quickly and effortlessly using our unique paper suspension system.

FSS Footprint is suitable for any internal environment including corporate reception areas, conference centres, hotel lobbies, restaurants, showrooms, museums and galleries, airports and retail environments.

FSS Footprint is used extensively in exhibitions, point-of-sale and other displays.

The FSS Footprint bases consist of 2 anodised hinged extrusions, available in two different designs. An aerofoil and a linear section supplied as standard at 325mm wide but can also be specified at any size up to 1000mm wide.

  • Aero - curved section - £500.00
    Product code: FSSAG325
    325(w)mm Aero base with
    450(w) x 1200(h)mm twin glass panels.

  • Linear - flat section - £570.00
    Product code: FSSLG325
    325(w)mm Linear base with
    450(w) x 1200(h)mm twin glass panels.

Signbox can also print your media direct to virtually any surface on our Durst Fine Art industrial inkjet, please contact our sales team for further details.

From:  £500.00 ex VAT (£600.00 incl VAT)

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