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EN7010 FE MagFix

EN7010 FE MagFix

EN7010 FE MagFix     EN7010 FE MagFix    


£23.00 ex VAT

(£27.60 incl VAT)

FE MagFix is a tough, elegant and cost effective fire escape sign, compliant with the ISO 7010 standard, soon to be EN (European Norm 7010 regulations). FE Magfix is a heavy duty magnetic support fixing for ceiling suspended fire escape signs. Suitable for demountable fire signs and ideal for Cat A fit outs where the position of fire signage may change upon Cat B tenant improvements.

Comprises a pair of 30mm long 19mm diameter satin anodised aluminium ceiling fixings, supporting a printed Foamex PVC panel.

NB MagFix uses rare earth heavy duty magnets and works with all types of ferrous metal suspended ceiling grids and tiles.

Three sizes of sign are available:

  • 210(w) x 100(h)mm from £23.00

  • 300(w) x 145(h)mm from £24.00

  • 420(w) x 200(h)mm from £26.00

From:  £23.00 ex VAT (£27.60 incl VAT)

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