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50mm diameter pre-spaced self adhesive glass safety dots

Price per single linear metre strip.

Our CAD-cut manifestation film is for up-grading glazing in accordance with Health & Safety recommendations which advocate the marking of large uninterrupted glazed areas.

The Code of Practice for glazed walls should conform to British Standard 6262:

"The surface of glazed walls and screens that are adjacent to doors, or form part of an enclosure, should be clearly highlighted with a manifestation which contrasts visually with the surface behind it under both natural and artificial lighting conditions. This manifestation should be located within two zones - from 850mm to 1000mm from the floor and from 1400mm to 1600mm from the floor."

For the workplace and public buildings, branding in acid-etched film is an excellent solution, providing the requisite safety marking and at the same time discreetly reinforcing the corporate identity to employees and visitors alike.

We are pleased to offer standard manifestation in the form of dots, squares, or stripe designs, repeated at the appropriate spacing and heights. Please contact us for further details or bespoke requirements and colours.