Digimura 2.1 Wallcovering

Digimura 2.1 is one of the best-selling digitally printed wallcovering solutions provided by Signbox - we can print, cut and instal it for you.

office mural
office mural
meeting room mural
meeting room mural
hallway wall covering
hallway wall covering
wallpaper installation
wallpaper installation
office mural
meeting room mural
hallway wall covering
wallpaper installation
Digimura 2.1 is the premium product within the Digimura range and one of our best-selling digitally printed wallcovering solutions.
Signbox will be able to provide the material, print it and instal it for you. 
This fabric-backed vinyl wallcovering is the perfect choice for all areas within commercial interiors such as hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, hospitals and retail environments. 
  • Fully fire rated for commercial interiors with no restrictions
  • EN 15102 - CE certified 
  • Non-woven polyester backing 
  • Paste the wall application 
  • Strippable (when used with the correct adhesive system)

Finishes and applications

Digimura 2.1 is available in different finishes, each adding its own unique aesthetic to a printed image. The non-woven fabric backing adds to Digimura's durability and ease-of-use as there is no stretch or shrinkage in the printing process, and repositioning during installation is a breeze. Its specialist coating makes it perfectly suitable for all eco-solvent, solvent, UV-curable and latex printers. 

  • Digimura 2.1 Facade has a tactile universal stipple texture that defuses light beautifully and visually enhances depth of colour, this universal finish works brilliantly with both subtle and glory graphics. 
  • Digimura 2.1. Rude has a bold finish that captures light and bounces it back to deliver a high-impact statement. 
  • Digimura 2.1 Smooth has a non-reflective semi-matte finish and exceptional reproduction and line definition. This film contains an anti-fungal / bacteria biocide - which makes it the perfect solution for hospitals and nurseries. 
  • Digital 2.1. Tactile has a chic linen texture that will add a timeless look to any interior. Contains anti-fungal/bacteria biocide. 
  • Digimura 2.1 Ag has a gloriously sophisticated brushed silver finish that adds a touch of class.
  • Digimura 2.1 Au has a pure reflective gold finish that is an absolute digital decor show stopper.
  • Digimura 2.1 Dune has a stylish vertical folded texture that not only creates an impact but in combination with the print can help hide imperfections in the wall surface. 

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Digimura 2.1. is the perfect choice for all areas within commercial interiors such as hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, hospitals and retail environments.

This product has been designed for use in all commercial interiors including high traffic areas such as corridors or stairwells where there is a higher level of footfall.
  • Commercial offices
  • Reception areas
  • Healthcare market
  • Food outlets
  • Child-care centres
  • Venue corridors
  • Stairwells
  • Office foyers
  • Retail showcases
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Hospitality lounges
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Cafés & Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Sports Centres

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