Golf Tee Post - Golf Course Sign - Hybrid Range

A complete range of modern golf course signage including tee post signs, monolith and finger post signs. Signbox design, manufacture and will carry out installation. Sustainable material options as well as illumination and solar.

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Hybrid Sign system - Golf Tee post - sustainable bamboo composite 

The Hybrid sign system, developed by Signbox, is a fantastic range of modern golf sign systems made from sustainable bamboo composite.

These golf tee sign posts are the perfect addition to any golf course and clearly mark out the tee.  With a change in the rules for golf with the new WHS (World Handicap System) this may prompt a rethink on the signage on any golf course. Each tee marker board will need to display the WHS rating.

These bamboo golf signs are easy to install, clean and easy to update should they require artwork changes to the content. Stained and sealed so the bamboo maintains its rich wood colour and texture. These signs will be easy to clean and will be hard wearing giving longevity.


  • Tee posts 600mm high x 200mm wide

The overall size of the tee sign is 1200mm high, allowing for up to 600mm of the sign to be fitted into the ground for a completely safe and secure sign system.

Each golf tee sign will be designed around your requirements, once you have placed your order please contact the sales team with your order number and design requirements for the artwork on the sign. 

The Hybrid sign system covers a complete range of modern golf course signage including this tee post sign.  We also have monolith and finger post signs within the range. Design, manufacture and installation by Signbox. Sustainable material options as well as illumination and solar within this very unique range of golf course signs.  View the complete range here: Hybrid Brochure

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