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SmartScape Solar Wayfinding Illuminated Bollard

Smart scape solar bollard, LED illumination solar powered wayfinding exterior solution. This wayfinding solar bollard is great value for paths, heritage sites, education sites, public spaces.

Aluminium Solar bollard wayfinding
Polymer illuminated solar bollard
Wood illuminated solar bollard
Extruded Aluminium illuminated solar bollard
Illumination of solar bollard
Aluminium Solar bollard wayfinding
Polymer illuminated solar bollard
Wood illuminated solar bollard
Extruded Aluminium illuminated solar bollard
Illumination of solar bollard

£799.00 ex VAT

£958.80 inc VAT

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The SmartScape Solar Bollard is a modern solar powered solution for exterior wayfinding illumination.

The uniquely-designed solar system comprises; four integrated PV panels to ensure light is captured from all angles, an intelligent lithium-ion battery, two motion-detecting PIR sensors and two LED lights. One LED runs continuously at a low level to ensure that the bollard itself can be seen from a distance, and the other, a downlight reflector, is activated within a 5m range each side of the unit by one of the PIR sensors which illuminates the pathway.

As the bollard is solar powered by it’s own integrated PV panels, trenching and running costs associated with mains powered solutions are eliminated and maintenance costs are drastically reduced.

The SmartScape Solar Bollard is extremely easy to install, with surface and root mounting options.

The bollard is available in three housing material options to suit a range of applications; Extruded Aluminium, Sustainable Hardwood and Performa-Cast Polymer. With both the aluminium and polymer versions offering a vast range of colour options, as well as the option of embossing the polymer housing, this versatile solution is perfect for any modern green sustainably focussed project.

The SmartScape Solar Bollard is designed, developed and manufactured in Zeta’s UK-based, ISO 9001:2015 accredited production facility.

The standard product has a base plate mounting but there is an option on the Aluminium finish and the Polypropylene finish for a more cost effective root mounting fixing that can be buried and possible minded in place. We can send a technical specification on this.

The product is made up of various high quality components. This product does comply with the new requirements for Bat friendly lighting.

Downlight Reflector & Lens - activated by the two side-facing PIR sensors, the downlight reflector and integrated lens offer even illumination and a wide spread of light.

Integrated Solar PV Panels - four specially designed Solar PV panels are mounted into each side of the bollard ensuring daylight is captured from all angles throughout the day, thus maximising the power available at night.

Intelligent PIR Sensors - high quality motion sensors are mounted into each side of the bollard enabling pedestrian detection within a 10m range (5m each side of the unit)

Unique Marker Light - the LED acrylic marker light enables pedestrians to see the bollard from a distance thus increasing safety.



  • ▪  Integrated PV, covering four angles

  • ▪  Zero trenching and running costs

  • ▪  Low maintenance

  • ▪  Easy to install

  • ▪  Robust

  • ▪  Long-lasting

  • ▪  Highly efficient LEDs

  • ▪  Energy & cost saving

  • ▪  Significant carbon reductions

  • ▪  Dual PIR sensors

  • ▪  5m detection range

  • ▪  10 day autonomy


  • Walkways and trail
  • Cycle paths
  • Parks
  • Heritage sites
  • Residential estates
  • Industrial estates
  • Educational campuses
  • Car parks
  • City centre streets
  • Driveways
  • Docks and marinas
  • Commercial areas

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