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Digimura NW: Environmental graphics and Digital Wall papers

Non-woven digitally printable wall coverings, for residential and 'low-traffic' commercial interiors. Environmental Graphics and digital wallpapers, Custom options available

Digimura NW
Digimura NW
Digimura NW
Digimura NW
Digimura NW
Digimura NW

Developed specifically for residential interiors, Digimura NW, really is the choice large-format product for creating bespoke interior décor with a luxurious high end look and feel.

With a low paper content, Digimura NW has a variety of luxurious matte finishes, perfect for creating refined wall décor as the nature of this product gives a soft, opulent feel achieved only with this superior quality non-woven substrate.  

Signbox can quote for the printing of these blinds. Talk to the team by filling out the contact form below

Digimura NW comes in four finishes: soft touch, cord, flaxen, soft matte. Each of these tactile finishes is designed to enhance your décor image in unique ways, and the almost-textile qualities of these finishes elegantly add a rich sophistication to any digitally printed work of art or pattern.

Environmental graphics and Digital wall papers can be customised with the help of our team.

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Soft touch

  • 180 gsm weight
  • 235 mic weight
  • 87% brightness
  • 94% opacity
  • 0.25% wet stability maxi


  • 147 gsm weight
  • 440 mic weight
  • 84% brightness
  • 92% opacity
  • 0.25% wet stability maxi


  • 147 gsm weight
  • 380 mic weight
  • 91% brightness
  • 93% opacity
  • 0.25% wet stability maxi

Soft Matte

  • 147 gsm weight
  • 285 mic weight
  • 86% brightness
  • 93% opacity
  • 0.25% wet stability maxi


  • Premium-quality non-woven wallcoverings, perfect for domestic and low-traffic commercial interiors
  • Four invitingly ‘tactile’ finishes that enhance artwork for a high-end ‘interiors’ look and feel
  • Euroclass EN13501 fire-rated for use in commercial interiors
  • EN 15102 CE Declaration of Performance
  • Compatible with Latex and UV curable ink technologies
  • Composed of non-woven Polyester - no PVC
  • Strippable (when used with the correct adhesive system)