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FE 95/58/EEC Project - Photoluminescent

Photoluminescent Fire Escape Signs manufactured by Signbox, suitable for internal and external applications. Conforming to EC Directive 92/58/EEC

 Photoluminescent Ceiling/Wall Mounted Fire exit sign
Photoluminescent Ceiling/Wall Mounted Fire exit sign
 Photoluminescent Ceiling/Wall Mounted Fire exit sign

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95/58/EEC Project - Photoluminescent GLOW IN THE DARK Fire Escape Sign

A premium quality range of Fire escape signs, designed to clearly identify emergency exits and escape routes, with empathy for modern architecture.

Conforming to EC Directive 92/58/EEC, FE Project comprises a 5mm glass look acrylic, supported with 4 No. silver anodized aluminium 12mm diameter project fixings.

This sign is suitable for internal and external applications.

Size guide for legible viewing distances:

300mm x 100mm – Viewing distance up to 10 metres
450mm x 150mm – Viewing distance up to 15 metres
600mm x 200mm – Viewing distance up to 20 metres

The fire exit signs, also called fire safety signs or emergency exit signs for safe exit routes, are statutory signs designed to clearly indicate the direction of an exit in the event of a fire or other emergency that requires a quick exit from a building. Fire exit signs are a key part of health and safety in the workplace and must be identified by law. This sign complies with the Directive 95/58/EEC. 

People usually leave premises in the same way that they enter or by routes which are familiar to them. For this reason, any alternative exits (ie all emergency exits and any exits not in normal use) should be clearly indicated so that people know there are additional ways to leave. In addition, the provision of well-signposted exits in full view will give a feeling of security in case of an emergency.

Make sure the fire exit signs are displayed immediately above the exit opening or, if this is not possible, choose a position where the sign can be clearly seen and is least likely to be obstructed or obscured by smoke.

Where an exit cannot be seen or where a person escaping may be in doubt about the location of an exit (eg in warehouses where goods for transit and other obstructions may prevent a clear view of the exit doors), fire exit signs, including a directional arrow, are appropriate at suitable points along the escape route.

In addition to non-illuminated fire exit signs, the Signbox teams also design and manufacture photoluminescent and illuminated signs and any other statutory signage you may need to make sure you have the necessary wayfinding signs inside your building to keep everyone safe.   

The safety signs manufactured by Signbox can be either ceiling, wall or door mounted. Contact us if you have any specific requirements. 

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