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FIRE safety signs - FIRE FIGHTING signage 

Our fire safety signs are compliant with BS ISO 7010:2011 including Fire Door Signs, Fire Extinguisher Signs, Fire Action Signs and Fire Alarm Signs. The current regulations require using the colour red to indicate the location of firefighting equipment. The location will normally be indicated through the use of a signboard, or by colouring the background behind the equipment red.  The signboard must be sufficiently large to allow the location of the firefighting equipment to be easily determined. If for any reason firefighting equipment is placed in a position hidden from direct view, indicate its location using appropriate directional arrows, together with the relevant firefighting equipment sign. These signs are made to the highest standards using the best materials. Our range of warning signs are made to the highest standards using the best materials in a choice of sizes and colours. Made in the UK.  To discuss customising the signs to suit your requirements or for bulk order enquiries contact the sales team today. 

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complete range of health and safety signage

Signbox's complete range of Health and Safety signage has been designed to offer a robust yet elegant solution to all statutory signage requirements.  Designed and manufactured in the UK, every one of our safety signs is unique and offers exceptional quality. 

Our signage is compliant with BS ISO 7010:2011.  This standard provides guidance for the consistent use of graphical symbols to communicate safety information in environments where there is a risk to people.

Signbox offers outstanding quality signage manufactured to a premium finish, direct-to-surface printed on a huge selection of materials including environmentally friendly sheet materials and inks, our signs can be ordered with wall mounting fixing or ceiling hanging fixing (with double-sided print).

We offer a complete solution to all safety signage including photoluminescent and LED illuminated finishes.  For more information on our range, or for bespoke enquiries contact our sales team today.

Our Extensive Range:

Fire Exit Signs:

Navigate emergency situations seamlessly with our Fire Exit Signs. Crafted with precision, these signs guide individuals to safety, meeting the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Fire Safety Signs:

Enhance fire safety awareness with our dedicated Fire Safety Signs. From fire assembly points to extinguisher locations, our signs are designed to communicate critical information clearly and effectively.

DDA & Glass Manifestation:

Promote inclusivity and adhere to Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements with our range of DDA and Glass Manifestation signage. These signs not only enhance safety but also contribute to creating accessible spaces for all.

Danger Signs:

Highlight potential hazards with our Danger Signs. These bold and attention-grabbing signs are essential for warning individuals about risks, ensuring a safe environment for all.

First Aid Signs:

Facilitate quick and effective response to emergencies with our First Aid Signs. Clearly marked first aid stations and equipment locations are vital for the well-being of everyone on your premises.

Smoking Signs:

Ensure compliance with smoking policies and designate smoking areas with our Smoking Signs. Clearly communicate smoking regulations to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

PPE Signs:

Promote a culture of safety with our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Signs. These signs indicate the necessity of specific protective gear in designated areas, contributing to a secure workplace.

Mandatory Signs:

Highlight essential rules and procedures with our Mandatory Signs. From hygiene practices to safety protocols, these signs play a crucial role in maintaining a secure and regulated environment.

Prohibition Signs:

Clearly communicate restricted areas and actions with our Prohibition Signs. These signs are designed to convey a clear message, preventing unwanted incidents and maintaining order.

Designed and Manufactured in the UK:

At Signbox, we take pride in the UK origin of our health and safety signage. Our commitment to excellent quality is reflected in every sign we produce. Meticulous design, precision manufacturing, and strict adherence to standards ensure that our signage surpasses expectations.

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